Organizing Persuasive Essay

You don’t want to overload your essay with arguments and on the other hand you don’t want to have too few either three is a three is a good number you want to look at the arguments you’ve come up with for the other side out of the question as well and you are going to pick one that in your composition you are going to refute the word refute means to argue against or be against and you’re going to present evidence about why it’s a bad idea refute is to knock down the opposing sides argument okay so let’s see what all of this looks like on the organizer I’m back to my case with the bicycle trip you’ll see that since I picked the positive side if I’ve said yes to this question as the side that I’m going to take. Find out more info on organizing arguments at Edusson.

I’ve circled the plus sign then I’ve decided that my strongest argument is number one that bicycling can decrease pollution we have a lot of pollution here in Phoenix from cars particularly during the winter months and so I’ve said number one is my strongest argument I’ve said reducing gasoline consumption is number two on my list of arguments and I think my third strongest argument is that biking can result in better health then I went over to my list of arguments for the other side of the question uh and I’ve actually added a couple there and I’ve decided my the argument I want to refute is that it’s too difficult to carry what you need groceries or packages okay now to write a persuasive essay or actually a persuasive paragraph I suggest this form as one to start off with.

First you start off with your topic sentence and that’s where you state your position I believe whatever that’s your topic sentence then you go into your body now I’ve suggested four sentences you might want to go a little longer five or six you certainly don’t want to go shorter but your body should consist of your three arguments for your position the position that you support that should say and then you want to have at least one sentence in which you refute the opposition’s position and then finally a conclusion where you reiterate your arguments you repeat them and you possibly tie the whole thing up with a closing thought and I mentioned what the refutation is you might be wondering why we even put a refutation in it’s because by stating the opposition’s point of view you acknowledge that there are opponents who don’t agree with you and then before your opponents even get to make that argument you refute them you knock them down in other words you sort of kick the legs out from under your opponent even though your opponent may not even be there all right so let’s take a look at a sample persuasive paragraph and again we’re going to use that bicycling example here is my topic sentence.