Essay Writing Process

I can look through my notes and see you know what each argument has included and I can find the exact page number where the argument is so I can cite it correctly and it just it just makes um easier because if you read through it without making any notes you lose where you soon forget exactly what they’ve said or that you’ll have solve their ideas into your mind and you’ll forget that they you read it somewhere first and you’re writing your essay and not reference it correctly which obviously it’s pretty bad so that’s what I’m going to be doing.

I’ll show you a little bit of that but it’s pretty boring to behind I don’t listen to any music or anything while I write while I do my reading I do when I write up my essay but when I’m doing the initial reading I don’t listen to any music because I find it distracts me from the reading so I’m going to do some now okay guys so is currently midnight roughly I’m done with reading for the night I got one of one of the books read it was quite a hefty one though tomorrow I’m going to read through the other one and the article and then depending on what response I get from the first new currently has the two other books that I need I’m either going to get them from her or I’m going to go to the bodily and and read through and make some notes in that.

Now I’m going to do some editing on a video that’s going to come out tomorrow hopefully and get in bed with some can multi and watch how to get ways murder which is a great TV show that I’m kind of addicted to so I will see you guys tomorrow hey guys so it’s been a few days it’s currently Tuesday of rd week and on the Sunday and Monday and today I’ve basically just been catching up on that reading that I started before so I tracked down those books I couldn’t find from the person who already had them out and we Reese what books and stuff.

So I’ve now finished the reading I’ve gone over the books on the reading list a couple others I’ve found over the way and I’ve just basically made like summaries of their key point just sort collecting all that information really from different ideas different viewpoints different suggestions and interpretations so now I’ve got all that together the next step in writing an essay for me is putting all these ideas down so I’ve got some reason of other people documents and now I want to write down my ideas of how I’m going to include those into my FA and how I’m going to put my own and put in there as well so that’s what I’m going to do that you so it’s currently Wednesday morning or third week Maya sense to you at  p.m. tomorrow.