Revision And Overview

As we begin our work revising um I thought it might be helpful to go through the different sections on the revision page it will take time as noted in the revision page I suggest working on a section or two of your essay at a time and dividing up the writing process so you can focus on individual parts without getting swamped they’re overwhelmed by worrying about the whole thing so let’s go ahead and get started I’m gonna start here on the home page you might be because you might be coming to the revision you know after you’ve done some other work so I’m just going to click on modules and then the revision page is located in the essay section. Find out more about revising your work on Edusson.

So you go to essay assignments and just click on revision and proofreading suggestions have some introductory material that you should read through but I’m gonna come down and start real quick with the titles and then the introductions for titles just a quick note you want to see that you can use in this case a colon to separate into a subtitle and this allows you to give your writing a little bit of life so it’s not just a stiff purpose of College type essay but notice here they have intellect or income the purpose of college so they do state clearly what their point is now here I’m going to combine titles and introductions because they usually work so well together so I’m not going to pause yet I’m going to go over the introductions and then pause after introductions to give you a chance to review the introduction to things on introductions really to focus on and that’s the purpose remember an introduction should engage and interest a reader and then it should also provide an overview of what your essay will be about and in particular for this kind of writing when you’re reporting information you should work on providing an overview of the sources.

You should give them an idea of who you’re talking about what kind of writers you’re using in the essay and also what kind of material is in it as it says here is it essays it’s a blogs it’s a Diaries of course in our cases it’s essays and blogs but depending upon where you’re reporting information from that’s weird I don’t want to do that depended upon where you’re reporting information from let’s say for a history class you might be using some Diaries but let’s get started with this first first example and here I’m going to again I’m going to pause the pause here and give you a chance to read through this introduction of this first one okay a few quick notes here neat title here make your own light bulb why we have College and then you see with this essay in particular a nice job of pulling the title into the essay because here they bring in Edison as well so that’s a good job.